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Review for Doula and Photography

“What can’t i say about Kim?” would have a shorter answer. Like I say in the title, she is a unicorn. there is only one Kim; and I don’t mean that in a “she’s quirky” kind of way, I mean it in a “I truly don’t think I could have made It through the birth of my two children without her” kind of way. She’s magical. She knows when to help you breath, but will let you pull the hair off her head if that’s what you need in that moment. (and trust me, you don’t know what you need yet.) Child birth is beautiful, empowering and incredible. But it is difficult, painful and sometimes scary. And in those moment’s, you need a Kim. She is professional, kind and loving. She will treat you like one of her own and give you whatever support you need. Whether it be a shoulder to cry on or a shoulder to lean on. After one traumatic pregnancy (with a beautiful birth) and one wonderful pregnancy (with a difficult birth) she’s carried me and my family through with love and grace, and we just want to share the joy! Plus, she is an incredible photographer. So, why haven’t you hired her yet?

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