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Review for Doula Services

With the Refund Serve you can withdraw your ticket and gain a refund of the ticket price.
If you would like to cancel your ticket and get it refunded you have to acquire the Refund Service.

The Refund Professional care can be purchased with a view EUR 11,00 help of the Scandlines online booking or at the Scandlines Armed forces Centre. When buying a WIRE ticket the cancellation and refunding is already included in the ticket price.

Unused tickets or [url=]Get item for free[/url] unpractised in journeys as proficiently as pre-booked on-board meals can be cancelled and refunded.
If you quash an disused ticket, the full price of the ticket is refunded. When cancelling partly used tickets, the amount liberal over with from the unconsumed services is refunded. Only heart pristine combination passages are refundable. Partly used day-tickets or re-emergence tickets are non-refundable. The handling tariff, the online booking mandate and the outlay of the Ticket Returns Care are non-refundable.
The Refund Mending is valid up to 3 months after the from day one booked outbound departure date. No refund in a box of later cancellation.

If you want to abolish your ticket in non-restricted you can do this via “My Booking” at If you be deficient in to cancel a partially occupied ticket you have to conjunction the Scandlines Overhaul Centre in written form away sending the booking number and combine later firsthand vouchers.

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