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Williebub/ March 21, 2021/ / 0 comments

Review for Doula Services

I am engaged in soap spam, but about a couple of weeks ago I ran into an unpleasant problem – the income from mailings sensitive sagged. Earlier, on average, it was possible to get $ 300-500 from mailing to base of 100,000 mails, after the base burned out only 100-150. I asked around by chats – it turned out
that the quality of databases is very important, like it is necessary to periodically validate (clean) the database of sweat boxes from garbage. I started looking for a solution, but in the market for validator services, there are simply terribly high price tags. To check one base for me – $ 2,500, and of course I have more than one. And, lo and behold, it was in Telegram that I discovered an interesting bot! – I want to share – for many it will become discovery (It was once private) A BOT validator for email databases, from the price i was chocked, 10-20 cheaper than the average service on the market for validating email databases.
checking speed is very fast!

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